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Franklin County

Franklin County (Columbus) is one of our favorite markets. Columbus is a melting pot of people, business, and prosperity. The population, job, and economic growth are all driving factors that make the area great to live and great for real estate. As we’ve expanded from Fairfield County to Licking County and Franklin County we believe we’re targeting the perfect trifecta of areas. Positive population and job growth in all 3 counties provide a safe and affordable place for families.

Fairfield County

Fairfield County (Lancaster) is where it all started.The majority of our rental portfolio remains in Fairfield County. Lancaster is a great place to live outside of Columbus with a country feel and affordability you just can’t get in the City. As Columbus’s growth continues the economic benefits seen in surrounding markets are extremely desirable. The school systems, community, job diversity, and affordability all contribute to its continuing population growth. We hope to continue expanding and building in the community as this is home for us.

Licking County

Licking County (Newark) is another thriving community. Intels pledge to build it’s multi-billion dollar chip factory along with several other Columbus economic drivers will continue to push the

population and job growth in the County. Just outside Columbus, Licking County provides the similar advantages to Fairfield County with desirable school systems, job opportunities, and overall affordability.

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