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About Us

Who Are We?

We are a real estate company focused on purchasing in Franklin, Fairfield, and Licking counties. Our local knowledge and expertise allows us to effectively purchase properties directly from owners in a process that is fair and easy while avoiding the headache of listing on the market and the commissions and costs associated with that. We have bought land, single family homes, residential multi-family, and even apartment complexes. We aim to renovate properties to flip back on the market for new families as well as provide affordable renovated rentals at price points far below the new construction rates. We strive to build equity in the community as our value and reputation is extremely important to our clients and ourselves. Everyone says “local” but we actually mean it. We take the time to visit your property in person and work through the best options for YOU.

Kevin first got into real estate in December of 2020 house-hacking a duplex. Soon after he dove in with Ethan full time focused on the acquisition and logistical end of the business in Ohio. He continues to oversee the marketing efforts and backend logistics.

Ethan first got into real estate in mid 2020 buying a single family house utilizing the BRRRR strategy. Diving in full-time he oversees the walkthroughs, estimates, contractors and managers as an asset manager along with playing a crucial role in underwriting and due diligence.


We’ve utilized various strategies dependent on seller situations. Most commonly cash is the best option, however, it is not the solution to every problem. We’ve purchased properties over market value utilizing seller financing, we’ve taken over loans to save sellers credit and rid them of their problem. We’ve partnered to complete renovations and save owners from foreclosure. We’re always able to make several offers when cash isn’t the best answer.

Your Timeline

Although we pride ourselves in our ability to close quickly we understand this isn’t always the best thing for every seller. Sometimes you may need time to identify another property or clean out your belongings. We’re happy to work with you to achieve a closing date that works best for you!


Because we are focused on a small geographic area we are able to make competitive offers due to our in depth market knowledge. We have purchased properties for 10’s of thousands of dollars above what our competition was willing to pay.

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