About Us

Who Is 740 Cash Buyers?

We are a real estate company with a focus on purchasing properties in Columbus, Ohio and the nearby cities and towns in Champaign, Delaware, Fairfield, Franklin, Licking, Madison, Pickaway, and Union Counties. Our local knowledge and expertise allows us to effectively purchase properties directly from owners in a process that is fair and easy, while avoiding the headache of listing on the market and the commissions and costs associated with that.
We have bought land, single family homes, residential multi-family, and even apartment complexes. Our goal is to renovate properties to flip back on the market for new families as well as provide affordable renovated rentals at price points far below the new construction rates. This way, we can help build equity in the community. Our value and reputation is extremely important to our clients and ourselves. Unlike other companies, we actually mean it when we say we’re local. We take the time to visit your property in person and work through the best options for YOU.
Co-Owner Kevin Kozak

Meet Kevin Kozak

Kevin first began his journey in the real estate industry in December of 2020, when he acquired a duplex through the strategy of house-hacking. Soon after, he fully committed himself to the industry, diving in alongside Ethan and focusing on the acquisition and logistical aspects of the business in Ohio.
His role includes overseeing the marketing efforts and managing the backend logistics of the company. With his experience and knowledge, he ensures that the company runs smoothly and efficiently, making sure that the acquisition process is fair and easy for the property owners. He is dedicated to providing exceptional service and ensuring that the company’s reputation and value remain at a high standard.

Meet Ethan Canby

Ethan first entered the real estate industry in mid-2020, when he acquired a single-family house using the BRRRR strategy. He quickly realized the potential of the industry and decided to dive in full-time, dedicating himself to the acquisition and management of properties. As an asset manager, he oversees the walkthroughs, estimates, contractors, and managers, ensuring that the properties are properly maintained and in good condition. He also plays a crucial role in underwriting and due diligence, carefully analyzing the potential of each property and making sure that the company’s investments are sound and profitable.
Ethan’s extensive knowledge and experience in the industry have allowed him to excel in his role, and his strong attention to detail and ability to identify potential issues make him an invaluable asset to the company. He is committed to providing the best service to the property owners, ensuring that the acquisition process is fair and easy. He’s also passionate about building equity in the community, and his dedication to the company’s reputation and value has helped to establish it as a trusted and respected company in Ohio.
Co-Owner Ethan Canby